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At Chuck Foushee Custom Homes, we understand the processes of crafting custom homes. Our proven methods of budgeting and quality construction assure that your homebuilding experience will be enjoyable and that you'll get the home you planned for your dream home.

We are committed to the idea that every home we build will deliver long lasting value to the homeowner. And, we believe that the process of home building is a team effort - the homeowner and our company working together with the same goals in mind.

To achieve these ideals, we approach the pricing process differently than most builders. Our building contract is based on a fee plus actual cost. We will only work with realistic budgets that are based on your needs and tastes and on our commitment to quality.

Our fee is based on a fair return for our company, not on how much we can increase your cost after you sign a contract. If we were taking a markup on every item you budget, it would be to our advantage to constantly sell you upgrades and cost overruns. Instead, we give you realistic budgets and then help you stay within those guidelines. If during the building process, you should decide to alter your plans, we'll provide you with a detailed price for any upgrade changes and proceed only after you have agreed to a contract change order. We put you in control of your costs.